Founded in 2008, Share The Love Rescue Inc has a simple mission and simple goals: provide care and find homes for surrendered pets and found animals, as well as offer education and support services to the public regarding the treatment of animals.

Full story of Penny's nightmare life prior to being saved by Share the Love Rescue is a work in progress.  Penny was rescued from a breeding/hoarding situation in Illinois where there were well over 75 dogs on site!  The first two original Tibetan Mastiffs came from China.  With the dogs ability to “free roam” these dogs started to reproduce and inbreed.  The “breeder” eventually lost his AKC status.  This “breeding” operation would not have been brought to light, if not for complaints that started coming in about possible puppy mill, food aggression and other allegations.  That is when rescue groups started to step in and work with the “breeder.”  Many different rescue groups have continually been working to rescue 50 or more of the dogs off the property. 

Penny and the other dogs lived in less than desirable conditions.  Their beautiful coats had not been groomed, leaving painful and uncomfortable matting on many of the dogs’ coats including Penny’s.  Penny like many of the other dogs are under weight.  The “breeder” would carry around a stick to keep the dogs off of him.  Penny and the other rescued dogs cringed and feared human touch. 

Penny has been making progress each and everyday at STLR’s headquarters!  Due to hear fear of humans, Penny growled at Chandra for the first few nights.  She is slowly but surely learning to trust humans and their touch.  She has been groomed to bring out her beautiful coat and her spay is scheduled for 9/11/19.  Each day with the patience of Chandra, she comes out of her shell.  She can be heard playing in her room!  A web camera is on it’s way to the rescue, so that Chandra can spy on her playing and just being a dog.


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