Adoption is the obvious. If you're looking to ad a new furry member to your family, think of all of the dogs in need of homes! A dog being in a shelter does not mean they're broken - maybe their owner passed, or they found they weren't in fact ready for a dog. Many dogs arrive as strays, or are found tied to trees, and their owners never found. Each dog will have its own quirks, but the perfect match is out there somewhere for them!


"You can do something big, or you can do something small, because whatever you do is better than nothing at all..."

Fostering dogs is among some of the most rewarding things you can do. Many rescue groups, like ourselves, do not have a physical shelter (yet!), so when we rescue the dogs from the shelter they need a place to go! Private boarding is $10 a day, which adds up very quickly, especially with multiple dogs boarding. A shelter can be an incredibly stressful environment for a dog and can alter their behaviour completely. By fostering, you are helping the rescue learn more about the dog, and helping the dog transition into home life.

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