Long story short - Founded in 2015, Share The Love Rescue Inc has a simple mission and simple goals: provide care and find homes for dogs in high kill shelters, as well as offer education and support services to the public regarding the treatment of animals.

Some of our rescues that have found forever homes     >>>>


The REAL Story

    The journey started with a 12 year old dog named Rocky. Rocky’s owners were going away on vacation, so they simply dumped Rocky at their local high kill animal shelter. Within days he was posted as an “urgent dog”, meaning he was on the euthanasia list. Soon after is when Chandra saw his post and immediately knew she had to help. She commented on the post that she would adopt him, but didn’t know the appropriate steps to take. With the help of a small village, Chandra was able to complete the paperwork, pay the fees, and Rocky was free and ready to make his way from Carolina to Rhode Island!








    Unfortunately not all dogs are as lucky as Rocky. It doesn’t matter if a dog is in perfect health, a senior, blind, or a breed with a bad rap - anyone can find themselves on the euthanasia list.  Share the Love Rescue was founded by Chandra Toledo with a mission of finding these dogs, who have been let down by humans, a safe place to live out the rest of their lives in happiness. 

    The majority of our dogs come from Georgia, where shelters are bursting at the seems, although we have dogs come to us from as far as Belize!. The dogs are then sent to either foster homes, or private boarding (depending on foster availability), where we can then learn more about each dog and determine what kind of home would be suitable for their specific needs.

    We have rescued approximately 200 dogs, and we are always careful to pick the best suited home for each dog. This is done by completing reference checks, as well as home visits, and never operating on a “first come, first serve” basis. 

If you are interested in adoption, foster, or looking to help in anyway please do not hesitate to contact us!